Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tot School

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Avery is 17.5 months old
Tot School

This week was busy but great!  We had a play date at the library, a lunch play date with some friends for Gourmet Gals, and Little Gym.  I love getting Avery out of the house and "playing" with kids her age.

Here's what we were up to in Tot School.

We played bat the balloon.  Sorry the pictures aren't too good of this one but it was kind of hard since she was running around swinging at the balloons.  One of the balloons was filled with helium and held down by a weight and the other one hung from the ceiling with string.  I also got a cute fly swatter with a flower on it in the dollar section at Target.  First we practice hitting the balloons with the fly swatter and then she had a great time just hitting it with her hand.  

We also did some fine motor work with an empty Coffeemate bottle and some straws.  I found this one kind of interesting cause she struggled with it more than the toothpick one we worked on before.  

I was kind of surprised when she asked to color because she never wants to.  But she actually asked several times this week.  Yay!!!

I'd been wanting to make a mailbox for a while and when my friend Amber at Nater Tot shared their mailbox activity, I love it and knew that I wanted to "borrow' her idea.  So I took an old diaper box and covered it with plain colored wrapping paper (leaving the top slot and entire bottom open- that way mail can go in and out still).  Avery then covered the mailbox with sticker, which she loved (yay, another art activity that she hasn't liked before but really got into this week).  I then took old junk mail and let Avery play.  She loved dropping the letters in and then getting them back out.  She played with this everyday this week!

Once again Avery asked to color, this time we broke out a coloring book I got in the dollar section at Target.  

We checked this peg board out from the L and L Library.  She thought it was pretty cool but it didn't keep her attention too long.  However, she did go back to it several times the rest of the week.  

She also decided to ride her wheely bug

We also played with shaving cream for the first time, we even added some blue food coloring at the end.  She loved it!!

We had a little flashlight fun in the basement.  At first she just wanted to check out the flashlight, then she had a great time looking around at everything, and finally she decided to have a little tea party by flashlight.  

"If you're happy and you know it shout hooray!"
We ended out the week listening to her Sesame Street Music Player.  It's a really cute "CD player" and book set.  The CD player comes with 4 CDs, on each one the first song is a Sesame Street song and the rest are well known children songs.  The book contains all the lyrics to the songs.  Avery has a great time opening and closing the CD player, putting in CDs, pushing the buttons (stop, eject, and play), listening to the music, and dancing.  

We also tried a pouring work this week but she had no interest in it.  Last week we tried one with small glass pitchers and beads but she struggled with it so I decided to try this.  It's two soft, plastic baskets and pompoms.  It was easier for her but she wasn't really into it.  I saw a Tot School post at Adventures of Bear that had the neatest little pitchers that I really want to get.  They are the perfect size and seem so manageable for toddlers.  

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  1. I simply adore the idea of a basement tea party in the dark! LOVE it! And the fly swatter/balloon is a great activity!

  2. Very nice activities. I absolutely love the flashlight Tea Party. Hugs. Ewa

  3. She is absolutely adorable! And looks like she had so much fun! My favorite shot is the tea party by flashlight - the effect is so cool! :)

    Hello World - MMMM

  4. We just played with straws this week too...funny!!
    Love the diaper box/mailbox idea. We will try that one for sure!
    Have a happy day