Sunday, March 20, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Meals and Snacks

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As I mentioned, I decided to try out my first theme for Tot School this week (St. Patrick's Day) and decided to carry it over to some of our meals and snacks.  So, here is what we ate this week...


Instant pistachio pudding that Avery helped make by pouring and whisking (boy did she love that).

St. Patrick's Pot of Gold (Lemon jello in a lime shell)

On our rainbow day, we made Rainbow Fruit Pizza (Avery helped me cut the strawberries and bananas)

Green Rice Krispies Treats (Eric wanted me to make some for him to take into work so I figured we would have some too)


Ham, avocado, and cream cheese spirals with spinach tortillas

Ham and munster shamrock sandwich with peas (not sure why but the color came out kind of weird on this picture)

Rainbow waffles (this was one of Avery's favorite but rather challenging to make)

We also had corned beef/cabbage/new potatoes, pesto tortellini (green spinach ones) with chicken, and green pancakes but I don't have pictures of those : (


  1. Your lil'girl is extremely cute.My lil' girl also has very little hair. :)

  2. Hi I am your newest follower. ...Wow your days are full! (I remember oh so well! lol)

    Feel free to stop by my blog to check it out,


  3. Love these ideas; they are so cute! I'm going to start being more "creative" with my kiddos food.

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