Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm Back!!!

Pin It Now! It's been forever since I have done a post on here.  A lot has been going on that has kept me from not only writing but reading my favorite blogs.  I feel so bad about it but am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.  So, I guess I'll start off with a quick summary of what has been going on since I last wrote...

December is always a crazy month and this year was no different!  It was full of celebrations, shopping, and lots of family time.  We celebrated Christmas Eve at my in-laws house and Christmas day at our house with my family.  Avery had a great time and was spoiled by everyone!

Another exciting thing that happened in December was that Eric and I found out that we are pregnant!  On December 23 I realized that I had been feeling a bit nauseous for the past two days.  I started thinking back, did the math, and realized there was a very good chance I was pregnant.  That night, at 10 pm, I ran to the store and bought a pregnancy test.  And what do you know, it was positive.  It was a bit of a surprise, we weren't planning on trying until this summer or around Avery's 2nd birthday, but we couldn't be happier.  

At the beginning of January I was busy finishing up on some reviews and giveaways I had already agreed to do.  I continued to feel nauseous, all the time, and incredibly tired, but I managed to find the time and energy to get them done.  It was about all I managed to get done though!  Other than that I spent most of January playing and hanging out with Avery when she was awake and sleeping and resting while she napped.  

I also had my first doctor's appointment that month.  Everything went great so we went a head and told our family and friends.  We ended up telling them earlier than we had with Avery (at 9 weeks, compared to 12 weeks), but we figured it was the second pregnancy and I was having a hard time hiding my nausea from everyone and figured it would be easier to just tell them.  I ended up making a shirt for Avery that said "I am going to be a big sister."  

We told my parents first.  They come over for dinner every Wednesday so when they got here I told them I had a new outfit for Avery that I wanted to show them.  So, I took her into her room and got her all changed then had her walk out into the living room on her own.  It took a minute but suddenly I heard, "Liz....get out here....is that for real?!?!"  They were so excited!!

We told Eric's family that weekend.  We went over for dinner and had Avery wear the shirt again.  We got to his parents' house and took her jacket off...they didn't notice at all.  So Avery started playing with Grammy...and still no one noticed.  Eric and I kept looking at each other trying to figure out what to do.  After about 5 minutes, his sister finally said "What does Avery's shirt say?" so I told her to take a look.  All of a sudden she starts screaming which causes my mother-in-law to freak out and start yelling before she even realizes what was going on.  Finally both my MIL and FIL read it and both start crying.  It was pretty exciting.

We then emailed the rest of the family and some friends with the picture of Avery from above.  I was really happy with the way it all turned out.  It was definitely a fun way to let everyone know!

I continued to feel tired and nauseous through the beginning of February, so I continued to get nothing done.  However, during mid-February it finally started to get better, not gone but better.  Instead of being nauseous all day, every day, it seemed to coincide with when my stomach was empty.  So mid to late morning, mid-afternoon, and late evening it would hit.  I started eating smaller meals spread throughout the day and it helps but still not all the time.  I can't complain though, it's so much better than it was during first trimester.  

Eric and I also took our first trip away from Avery (at least it was my first trip away, Eric has gone on several business trips).  We went to a historic hotel about 30 minutes away and had my parents stay with Avery.  We had such a great time and Avery had blast with Nana and Papa.  Eric is already planning one more weekend away before the new baby gets here.

The end of February I spend most of my "down" time getting caught up on things around the house that I had been putting off because of my naps and nausea.  I have also started working on some Tot School things with Avery (which I hope to do some posts about soon).  She really seems to love them and I want to get more into it but it all is a little overwhelming at first.  A lot of my stuff is Montessori based since I was an aide in a Montessori school and my sister is a Montessori toddler teacher.  Right now we have out a scooping work, a couple transferring works, a beading work, an opening and closing container work, and a brand new pouring work.  I also want to get a little more organized with it and start working on some imagination/sensory bins (but that might take me a while to gather enough stuff for). 

Tomorrow I will be 16 weeks pregnant with my due date as Aug 17.  I have an appointment coming up next week and at the beginning of April we will find out the new baby's sex.  

Well, I should probably wrap it up for now, this ended up being a lot longer post than I ha intended.  I hope everyone is doing well and I can't wait to start reading your blogs again, sorry about being MIA for so long!


  1. Yay! You're back. I've been missing your posts. Congrats on being pregnant! I also found out that I was pregnant in December too! Our due date is July 25th and I couldn't be more excited. We find out the gender next week!

    Looking forward to reconnecting. :)


  2. How exciting. I am expecting too! I'm much further along, though. I only have about 10 weeks to go. Ugh, that dreaded morning (or in my case--all day) sickness. Hope you are feeling better. Mine lasted a full two months with both pregnancies. Welcome back and I look forward to reading all your posts :)


  3. I've been wondering where you've been, I was ready to send out the search party.


  4. Congratulations!!! I've been checking in to see if you've posted -- glad you're back! I'm also pregnant and due Aug. 22nd! :) We're so close!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS! I have been waiting and waiting and waiting (lol) for some non-review/giveaway posts from you and this is the best "comeback" post, ever!!
    I'm thrilled for you and your family! Do you feel any diferent this time around, like maybe you're having a boy? It's very exciting either way!
    Congratulations again!!

  6. Yay! So happy you're back! I've been wondering where you went! haha Congratulations!

  7. That's so exciting, congratulations! I hope the nausea gets better- I remember mine going away around 17 weeks, so hopefully you're in the home stretch :)

  8. Congratulations!!!! So exciting and I love the shirt idea to tell everyone! I'm so happy for you guys! I wish you all the very best! So glad to see you back!

    have a great day!!


  9. Thanks so much everyone, we are so excited and it's great to be back! Congratulations, Shoni and Whitney, it's fun having people that are due around the same time!! Jenn, I have no idea what it's going to be. Eric is convinced it is a boy. I wasn't sick with Avery barely at all and since this one I have been sick with so much he thinks it's a sign. We'll find out soon enough! Thanks again everyone, can't wait to catch up on all your blogs!

  10. Aww, congrats on your pregnancy! i wish you a happy & healthy journey.

    I just stumbled upon your blog. Love it!!

  11. Yay, you're back! I'm glad that you're feeling at least a little better. Morning sickness...ugh, I dread it.

  12. Welcome back, Liz! I've missed you and Avery. Congrats on your new addition on the way! What happy news :) I love these tot school posts. I'll have to find time later today to come back and read more!!