Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Do-A-Dot Marker Activities

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We recently got some Do-A-Dot markers (also known as bingo markers or bingo daubers) and I was so excited to get started with them.  Avery has played with them before and loves them so I was looking forward to having some here at home.  We've used with them on plain paper but I thought it might be fun to find some coloring sheets to use with them.  I didn't realize how difficult it would be to find some free ones online.  There are quite a few alphabet ones but I'm not quite ready to start the alphabet with her.  So I looked around and found some websites that offer free printable Do-A-Dot marker coloring sheets.  Here is what I found...

DLTK- a large collection, divided into seasons, holidays, animals, and other.  Easy to print, can choose from color or black and white, can print ad free.  

Making Friends- choose from Christmas tree or ornament or wreath, bubble gum, easter egg, flower, or train

Scribd.com offers a train and car Do-A-Dot coloring sheets (from Lessons from the Boys)

Bubble gum machine from Making Learning Fun (not officially a Do-A-Dot one but can be used as one)

This rainbow can be modifies to use with Do-A-Dot markers (from Mrs. Kilburn's Kiddos)

Christmas Tree from the Confessions of a Homeschooler's downloadable Preschool Christmas Activities

3 Dinosaurs has a great Fall Pack of Dot Marker sheets.

Dora Dot Marker Printables from The Activity Mom

3 Dinosaurs has some great dot marker pages: Space, Halloween, more Halloween, and Sight Words

Although I have not started the alphabet formally (we do still talk about it but once she gets older I want to do the alphabet as a theme and use the materials from 1+1+1=1), we are working on colors, shapes, and numbers.  So I found some great Do-A-Dot activity sheets for those.

Making Learning Fun
Another Making Learning Fun but this one is for Dogs Colorful Day

Early Learning Activities
Making Learning Fun
Confessions of a Homeschooler

Early Learning Activities
3 Dinosaurs

And just in case you are interested in alphabet Do-A-Dot sheets here are some I found...
Shannon's Tot School (all upper case letters and easy to print)

Confessions of a Homeschooler (you have to search for them unless you purchase her preschool alphabet curriculum)

1+1+1=1 (just starting out, have A through E so far)

Homeschool Creations- A-M and N-Z

Childcareland.com (upper case)

Making Learning Fun- lower case and upper case

DLTK (their letter templates can be used with Do-A-Dot markers)

Looking for more creative things to do with Do-A-Dot markers.  Check out these links...
Let's Explore- crayon resist drawings and examples of Ed Emberley's thumbprint drawings with Do-A-Dot markers

Ed Emberley- thumbprint drawings that can we done with Do-A-Dot markers

Charlotte's Factory- tie-dye designs and flowers

My Montessori Journey- paper plate fish

Kid Activities- splatter art (need to go down the page a little bit to see the directions)

Tons of Fun- a really cute and fun Dot Marker Counting Game

Fun and Engaging Activities for Toddlers- Dot Marker Counting Cards

I'd love to know if you have any other great places to find Do-A-Dot activity/coloring sheets!


  1. Wow! Thank you for the awesome idea. You've really done some research! I'm looking forward to checking out these sites!

  2. Yes, well done! I found some dot markers barely used at a garage sale for $2, so I'm excited to start using them. Thanks for the ideas!

  3. You know, I keep seeing those books and markers (I randomly got an alphabet book for Nate WITHOUT the markers - not so much fun) and really want them, but I just know Nate will make a huge permanent mess with them. Is Avery good about just using them on paper? Nate's pretty good with the crayons, but occasionally I will look away and all of a sudden he's coloring the carpet. AHHH!

  4. Hi Liz. I did a Google search for activities using bingo markers and came across your list. Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. Looking forward to have one of these bingo markers! I wanna try using one of them. They seem so fun to use.

    new online bingo sites

  6. Thanks for the Link! I also have some shape dot marker activities. :)

    In the shape coloring section http://3dinosaurs.com/wordpress/index.php/free-shape-activities/

    1. Thanks for letting me know, Cassie! I've got it added!

    2. I put some in my space pack: http://3dinosaurs.com/wordpress/index.php/free-space-pack-space-blog-hop/

      Cassie - 3Dinosaurs.com

  7. sight words: http://3dinosaurs.com/wordpress/index.php/sight-word-dot-marker-pre-primer-primer-1st-grade/

    halloween: http://3dinosaurs.com/wordpress/index.php/halloween-pack-extra-2-dot-markers/

    1. Thanks! I've got them all added!

    2. Thanks! I'll get adding some more. I'm so happy people like them.

    3. Thanksgiving: http://3dinosaurs.com/wordpress/index.php/thanksgiving-pack-extra-dot-markers/