Monday, October 4, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

Pin It Now! The last few weekends Eric has either been on call or we have had family visiting.  Weekends where Eric is on call we are really limited on what we can do.  He's not a doctor but works on computers in a hospital, so he has to be ready to go in if needed or at least have a computer with him so he can log into the network and try to fix things remotely.  If we want to go anywhere we have to to take 2 cars, pack up his computer and all his equipment, and run the risk of him having to leave.  We usually end up just having a nice quiet weekend at home, which is nice but I also love getting out and about and doing things as a family.  I also love having family visit.  It's great having loved ones near but it also takes a lot of work and energy to be the hostess.

Well, this weekend Eric was not on call and we didn't have any house guests.  It was great!  We were able to do whatever we wanted!  Saturday we decided to head to the park between naps.  The weather was gorgeous and we want to take advantage of it all we can before it turns cold.  Avery loves the sandbox and going down the slide in our laps.  Since she's still not walking she's a little limited in what she can do but still has fun.  We also took a stroll around the pond in the park and looked at the fish and geese.

At the park, Avery discovered she loves pinecones (you can see her holding one in the bottom picture).  She was great with it too!  I figured she would try to put it in her mouth but nope she just wanted to look at it and feel it.  So cute!

That night, Eric's parents watched Avery and we were able to have a date night!  YAY!!  It had been way to long since we were able to spend some time by ourselves.  We went to one of our favorite restaurants and had an incredible, leisurely meal.  It was so nice!

Sunday we were suppose to have Avery's one year pictures taken.  However, there was a miscommunication with the photographer and we weren't able to do it.  The worst part was that we got up early that morning, got all of us cleaned up, fed, and dressed only to wait around for 30 minutes and not have her show.  She apologized profusely but it's not easy to get all of that done before 7 in the morning.  Now we are going to have to do it again next weekend.  Ugh!

Sunday was another perfect day weather wise so we played out in the yard for a while, took a walk with some neighbor friends and their kids, and then grilled that evening.  Nothing too exciting but it was nice to just relax and not worry about Eric getting called into work.

I hope you all had a great weekend, too!


  1. Thanks for stopping by. I'm following you back.

    PS: your daughters pants are adorable!

  2. Oh I love laid back weekends like that! I'm glad you had a relaxing time! Plus, date nights are awesome. :)

  3. Hi! Thanks for finding my blog, following and all your sweet comments! I'm so happy to find your blog too! It looks like we have little girls about the same age? Your relaxing weekend looks so nice. I love when Saturday rolls around and we have nothing to do!

  4. thank you for all the nice comments & of course following me! I am now returning the follow & can't wait to read more from you! Precious pictures btw!


  5. Looks like a wonderful weekend! So great you and your husband got a night out together :-)
    My husband and I are planning that for next weekend when we head home to visit my parents.
    Have a great night!

  6. Ugh - sorry about the miscommunication with the photographer. I hate when stuff like that happens. At least you know those pics will be adorable no matter what!

  7. I love your blog name cute. I was a teacher in another life and now I homeschool my kids. Glad I stumbled over here!

  8. I love the name Avery! Pretty name for a pretty girl. Sorry you had to go through that with the miscommunication. I can appreciate how hard it is to get ready by that time in the morning with kids!

  9. Thanks everyone, you are all so sweet!

    Ashley, our girls are close in age. Avery just turned 1 on Sep 22, so they are not quite a month apart. So fun, I love finding people with kids close to her in age!

    Jill, I hope you enjoy your date night too! : )

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  12. My son loved pinecones too...he was obsessed, but unlike Avery, he did try to eat them. Sorry to hear about the picture thing. I know how hard it is to get everyone ready and out the door. Good luck next weekend.

  13. sounds like a great weekend. it's always nice to be busy, but quiet weekends are ALWAYS a joy!

  14. Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

    I'm your newest follower! I'd love for you to follow me back!

    Cheers from Being Frugal & Making It Work