Friday, October 8, 2010

Our Bookshelf: Peekaboo, Baby!

Pin It Now! For Avery's birthday her great grandmother, who we call GG, gave her a book called Peekaboo, Baby! written by Susan Amerikaner and illustrated by Nadeem Zaidi.  It quickly became one of her new favorite books!
Peekaboo Baby! is an adorable interactive book that not only has a lift-the-flap on each spread, but also has a cute stuffed animal monkey which has tiny magnets in the paws and eyes.  The magnets make it possible for babies/kids to actually play peek-a-boo with the monkey.  Follow Mimi as she spies a frog behind a tree, the cat underneath her chair, her brother in the tub, and Mama beside her bed.

What Avery Like
- the lift-the-flaps
- the monkey
- the bright, colorful pictures
- playing peek-a-boo (one of her favorite games)

What mom likes
- Repetitive text (good for children because it allow them to grasp the content of the story more easily, makes it easier for children to guess what comes next, and makes it easier for children to recall the story and join in the reading of it or even pretend read on their own)
- Position vocabulary words, they are even in italics to draw attention to them (the book utilizes position words like behind, underneath, in, and beside, which can be tricky vocabulary words for kids to learn and more exposure to these words in context will help them to learn the words' meanings)
- Pictures that give a hint as to what is hiding and thus allows kids to guess what is coming (this helps to develop children's early prediction skills by teaching them to look for and use context clues)

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  1. How cute! Nate would love this book. In fact, all of the Baby Einstein books are a big hit with him. Oh, and p.s. - I called my Great Grandfather "GG" :)

  2. Looks like a cute little book! I miss that age, it goes by too fast! Enjoy.

  3. Aubrey and I were just reading that book in Target on Thursday!! It is adorable!
    Enjoy the weekend

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  6. This sounds like a wonderful book, especially the cute monkey that plays peek-a-boo. At age two, my litle boy still loves playing peek-a-boo too. I'm sure he would get a kick out of this book too.

  7. Thanks ladies! It's one of Avery's favorite and I love the educational aspects. It's so great when things they love are beneficial too! : )