Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wonderful, Busy Weekend

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What a wonderful, busy weekend we have had so far!  Yesterday my parents came over to help us out by watching Avery so we could get some things done around the house.  We needed to get some wall decals up in Avery's room, some wall decals up in the family room, and get the leaves in the yard raked (we have tons of trees which makes for tons of leaves).  

We started out with the decals in Avery's room.  I had ordered them from Etsy a while ago but we never found the time to get them up.  The decals include 4 big puffy clouds and 3 butterflies that I had custom made to match her bedding (Peek a Boo Friends from CoCaLo).  I have to say, I think it looks pretty good.  And what's even better is that Avery loves it!  Every time we go into her room she points at it and calls out "ohhh."  Now we just have to get her name in wooden letters hung up.   I have them painted and ready to go but just can't figure out how to hang them.  Unlike the wall decals, the wooden letters were a complete catastrophe.  I ordered them off Esty also, but was not happy with them at all when I got them.  They were so poorly made there was no way I was going to hang them up.  So I repainted them in solid colors to match her bedding.  Before they even reached us the saw tooth hanger on the back fell off.  The woman who made them simply hot glued them on the back.  So frustrating!  Anyone have any ideas on how to hang them?  They are too thin to drill into, that was Eric's idea.  I'm thinking that we might try to reattach the sawtooth hanger but I'm not sure what glue to use.  Obviously hot glue isn't strong enough!
 Avery's name will be in that blank space right in the middle of the 3 clouds

After that, we tackled the yard.  I have decided we have way too many trees!!!  It was never ending!  Every time I thought we were getting close, I'd turn around and see a ton more leaves.  My back and shoulders are so sore today.  Ugh!!  However, the yard looks great now and hopefully we will only have to do that one more time this season!

Our last big project of the day was putting up some wall decals in the family room. We got some really cool circles from Dali Wall Decals (be on the look out for my upcoming review and giveaway from Dali Wall Decals).  We started taping them all up on the wall but ran out of time and haven't gotten to finish it yet.  I think they are going to look great.  We have a chair (picture down below) and matching pillows with circles all over them and I think the wall will go perfectly with the decals!
 The circles are brown and off white/yellowish

We ended yesterday with a wonderful dinner that my dad and Eric cooked and then watching an incredible football game.  It was an exciting night for Mizzou football!  We were actually the ESPN Primetime Game, so it was a huge deal.  Not to mention that our team played great, and we beat Oklahoma.  GO TIGERS!!!  

Today has been another busy day.  We have to go out of town this week, we leave Monday and won't be back until Thursday.  So I have spent the day getting ready for the trip.  It is amazing how much stuff one little girl needs for 3 nights and 4 days away.  I feel like I'm packing half the house!  

By the way, since we are going to be gone, I don't think I'm going to have much time to do too much blogging.  I'm hoping to get some posts up but I probably won't be able to stop by many of your blogs and leave comments.  I'm sorry!  : (  But I hope to start making the rounds on Friday or the weekend at the latest! 

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and has a wonderful week!  


  1. sounds like a productive and fun day. Avery's room looks very cute. Can't wait to see your living room when it's done

  2. Have a nice trip. I hear you on the packing... but trust me, mom knows best! Pack what you think you'll need!

    We did a project like that in AJ's room and used Aileen's Fast Grab Tacky glue. It's worked wonders so far (about a year).


  3. Everything looks so cute! Have a wonderful trip :) Babies DO need so much stuff for such little people!

  4. I love her room! :) Great Job! I would try Gorilla Glue ... it's miracle glue! You could also glue coordinating ribbon on the back (like an upside down V with a bow) and attach them that way! :) Can't wait to see the final result!

  5. What a great weekend, love the ones where you get a lot done. Your decorating looks fantastic! Have a great trip, we'll miss you. :)

  6. I love the decals in her room and can't wait to see the family room when finished...Maybe you can give the Etsy seller of the item you were displeased with some feedback so she can improve her product or send you something else for all the inconvenience it has caused. Enjoy your trip :)

  7. Oh I love a good productive weekend when you can check those things off your list that have been hanging around for way to long!:)
    Avery's room looks adorable.
    Glad she loves it too
    Enjoy the day and have a safe and happy trip

  8. Avery's room looks adorable! Can't wait to see how the family room turns out!

  9. Everything looks so cute! Good job! I'm glad your team won, ours didn't. We are LSU and Saints...true to our home hometown..can't help it! Hope you have fun going out of town and be safe. Have a great week!

  10. Hope you are having fun on your trip! I wish the walls in my boys' room was flat. I've often wanted to do vinyl but the walls have this weird texture to them that someone at some point must have thought was cool, it's so not cool. I can't wait to see how yours all turns out! Avery's room looks awesome!

  11. Oh by the way my mom swears by liquid nails. She says it will fix anything. You might try that.

  12. I love Avery's room!! So cute! I'd love to do smething like that in my boys rooms.

    Thanks for following me! I'm following you now, :) Hope to see you at my blog hop - Friendly Wednesday!

  13. Hi! Thanks for the follow, I am now following back :)