Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This Time of Year

Pin It Now! As I sit in the living room drinking my coffee and playing with Avery, I hear the rumble of the school buses drive by and it signals the start of another school year.  This past year has been so different for me.  No cleaning and setting up a classroom, no back-to-school meetings and meet the teacher nights, no seating charts and lesson plans, no butterflies in my stomach that first day of school (yes, teachers get those too) and going home exhausted but excited each night.  It all still feels a little surreal, like I have something big to do but I just keep forgetting to do it.  It's amazing how much my life has changed in one short year!

One of the most common questions I get these days is "Are you going back to work?"  And although I never say it and I know exactly what they mean, I think to myself "I do work, and it's one tough job."  But I realize they mean will I go back to teaching.  I miss teaching greatly but Eric and I are just starting out our family and I have a bigger, more important job to do right now.  Not that teaching isn't important, but this job, my job as mommy, is one of the most important jobs I will ever do in my life.  

So will I ever go back to teaching?  The short answer, yes!  I can't imagine never teaching again.  It became a part of who I am and I loved it.  The long answer, we would like to have two children, and if everything works out as we would like, I will return when the youngest enters kindergarten.  

Teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs a person can do, you not only feel like you make a difference, but you know you do.  And although I loved my job as a teacher, I love my new job so much more and find it more rewarding and fulfilling then I could have imagined.  It's a job of tickles and raspberries, hugs and kisses, cuddles and kissing boo-boos, feeding and baths, storybooks and songs, cleaning and cooking, play-dates and errands, peek-a-boo and horsy rides, I could go on and on.  But most importantly, I am still a teacher, I am the most important teacher in one little girl's life!

Teaching is a job that I can always return to (or leave if need be) but being a mother is the job I will do everyday for the rest of my life.  

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  1. I've been feeling the same way lately. :)

  2. Hi Liz,
    I know EXACTLY how you are feeling!! I felt (and still do) the first year I stayed home with Riley. I am sure I will return to the classroom some day too...but we would love a fourth, so it may take me awhile!:)
    Enjoy the day and that sweet little baby!
    Love the signature, I need to get me one of those!

  3. Yes, I get the same questions still after three years. A lot of which come from certain family members. The same ones who think I do nothing all day, and my hubby and I wanted our two and decided I would go to school for teaching when the youngest came along and by the time I graduate my oldest would have been in school and my youngest will be starting and then we will still be on the same schedules and off at the same time. I totally agree with you on the job mommy is the most important! Have an amazing day!

  4. Liz,
    you are doing one of the most important and rewarding jobs there is! Don't let anyone make you feel like you aren't working! We "work" 24/7 raising amazing children who know they are loved. The sacrifices we make are worth it.
    You've got a big support group on here. I think you are doing a great job and being a teacher just enriches her more! Many blessings,

  5. That's fantastic that you are staying home with Avery for so long. I hope your plan works out - teaching your child IS the most rewarding and challenging job :) I love it too. "Mommy" fits me more than "lawyer" ever did or could.