Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hugs and Kisses

Pin It Now! This week Avery has suddenly gotten so interested in giving hugs and kisses, and I am loving it!!  Randomly, she'll drop what she's doing, crawl over, and give a nice big hug and kiss.  It's so incredibly sweet and totally melts my heart!  I love this girl!
But it's not just us she loves to give hugs and kisses to, it's her stuffed animals, dolls, herself in mirrors, books (she loves giving kisses to the bear in Animal Kisses),  and pictures.  It's too cute!

On the walking front, we have had a couple more steps.  They only comes in 1s and 2s usually but that's fine by me, I'm in no rush to have a walker!


  1. Wet little baby kisses and cuddly hugs are one of the many perks of this job we do all day!:)
    Where else could you get so much love from someone YOU love to the moon and back!
    Cherish every moment!
    Enjoy the night

  2. Oh that is so sweet. Baby hugs and kisses are the best. We only have the hugs so far. I better start working on the kisses! That is so cute that she kisses her bears. I love when Nate makes out with himself in the mirror :)

  3. Thanks ladies! Amber, the "making out" with the mirror is one of my favorites, totally cracks me up! Cindy, wet baby kisses make my day! : )