Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Move to the Big Girl Bed

Pin It Now! So Avery has now been in her big girl bed for almost 2 weeks.  I was actually surprised by how smoothly it went.  We had planned on moving her into the room and bed on Friday, June 24 but Eric won a big award at work so I took him out to celebrate that night and we pushed the big switch back to Saturday night instead. We kept the bed time routine as close to the old one as possible.  Eric and I both gave her a bath and brushed her teeth.  Then we headed into her big girl room where I said good night and gave her lots of cuddles, hugs, and kisses.  Once I said good night and left the room it was only her and Eric.  He got her all lotioned up and in her PJs.  

Now, this is where the routine had to change a little.  Before, they would sit down in the glider and read 2 books. Since there is no glider in the new room they had to read sitting in her bed.  Once they were done it was cuddle time.  Once again, this usually happened on the glider but instead had to happen on her bed.  She needed a little more cuddle time with daddy than usual but handled it all really well.  After the cuddling, he got up, told her he loved her and good night.  He never actually mentioned staying in the bed or anything.  

It took her a while to fall asleep that night, about an hour.  But she never cried or anything, just talked and played in bed.  The whole time Eric and I sat glued to the monitor listening for sounds of her getting up from bed.  We were sure we would have to go in there a ton of times and put her back to bed.  However, she did not get out of her bed one time!!!  We were amazed!!!  

The next morning we heard her making noise and went into her room, once again convinced that she would be up and out of bed playing in her room.  However, there she sat on her bed, quietly talking and playing with the toys she sleeps with (Seahorse, Baby, and Lamb Lovey).  Once we went in, she told us she wanted to get up from bed, so we picked her up and cuddled her for minute, just like in her old room.

And that is pretty much how it has gone ever since, for both nap and bed time.  It's almost like she doesn't realize she can get out of bed on her own, even though she does it all day long when we are playing in there.  For some reason when it's time to sleep she forgets that she can get in and out by herself.  We got so lucky!!!


  1. Congrats! I hope it continues to go well. It's cute that she stayed in the bed all on her own.

  2. Oh that is fantastic! I am so nervous about the switch. He's starting to climb on the outside of the crib, so I figure our days are numbered. This gives me hope! Good job Avery!!

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