Thursday, July 7, 2011

Week 34

Pin It Now! I can't believe I only have about 6 weeks left to go!  That's under a month and a half!  And boy do I still have a ton to do!

Yesterday was my week 34 appointment and it went really well.  I had an ultrasound first to check the placenta (because of my blood clotting- MTHFR) and growth and fluid.  Everything looked good.  She's still head down and measuring at about the 80th percentile for weight (which I totally don't trust those measurements- they told us Avery was going to be almost 8 lbs and she wasn't even 6 and a half).  Fluid was a little on the high end but nothing to worry about and the placenta looked great.  

Check up was quick and smooth, still on track for the VBAC and I was happy that my doctor said that the projected weight would not be something that we use to determine if we have to have a c-section or not, more just something for us to be aware of and keep in mind.  Phew!  I had already told Eric he has to go with me to the last ultrasound appointment so that if they tried to tell me we had to have a c-section because of weight I would have him there to support me in disagreeing with them.  I know there are plenty of reasons for c-sections and I'm ok with that but to me weight is not one of them unless it becomes a safety concern during labor.  

Other than that, doing pretty good.  Blood pressure is down (yesterday it was 126 over 84, yay).  All this rest while Avery rests has been good for me.  However, I am definitely starting to feel 34 weeks pregnant.  It just hit me within the last week.  My feet hurt, my back aches, I have to pee constantly, and I am not moving a quick as I was, which is hard when I am trying to keep up with a 21 month old.  

As I said I still have so much to do!  The house is a mess since I can't clean when Avery naps and yeah right I can clean while she's awake.  Eric is trying to help but he's been so busy with work.  I have to start working on my bag for the hospital and buying a couple things for Avery (big sister presents) and the baby (birth day gift and baby book).  I also have to finish organizing the nursery and getting all the baby stuff out, cleaned, and ready to go. It just seems like the list is never ending!  I'm hoping to get a lot done this weekend.  Wish me luck!!!


  1. Congrats! And good luck on your VBAC. I hope things go smoothly for you.

  2. Glad to hear you are doing well :)

  3. I remember being 34 weeks pregnant! :D Don't think about everything you still have to do, you're going to get SO overwhelmed and it's going to make you stress, and you don't want that :/ I remember being stressed about EVERYTHING, it did no good.

    Try to relax and just worry about YOU. The house doesn't need to be clean right away- the mess isn't going anywhere ;) Try to take some time each day to relax, and make sure you walk, too! Walking helps reduce swelling in your feet (as hard as that is to believe) and will help ease some pain.

    I'm so excited for you! I just had my baby in May, and it's been such a roller coaster, but completely worth it. Good luck dear! :)