Sunday, May 6, 2012

More Messy Play

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I wasn't planning on doing any more messy play this week but plans changed Friday after nap.  Avery woke up really early that morning and was not in a good mood all day.  Nothing held her attention during Tot School, she was really fussy and whiny, and when she woke up from nap and immediately started crying I knew we needed to do something special.  And there's nothing like a little messy play to turn a bad mood around.  Since it was a last minute kind of thing, it needed to be something easy that I had on shaving cream it was!  We have played with shaving cream quite a bit and it has always been messy but we have never done it as a whole body experience like I wanted to this time.  The day before I had bought a couple kiddie pools for our upcoming messy sensory play date and decided it was the perfect time to break one of them in.  We put the pool out in the yard and emptied an entire can of the shaving cream it to.  It was quite a bit but I think it would have been fun with more, next time I will probably use 2 cans.

We pulled her little slide over and she had fun sliding into the pool of shaving cream.  After a while Avery asked if she could add some sand from her sandbox into the shaving cream.  She also turned the slide into an easel and drew pictured in the shaving cream/sand mixture. 

Another successful messy play and it greatly improved her mood for the rest of the day!

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