Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kid Friendly Kitchen

Pin It Now! Avery has always had several drawers in the kitchen for some of her things but for the past few months I have been meaning to give her even more space.  So, when we got new dishes I decided it was the perfect time.  We ended up moving all of her things to the bottom 2 shelves of the pantry so now she can easily get everything she needs.  

The bottom shelf has 3 baskets, one for her plates and bowls, one for cups and snack traps, and one for silverware and lids.  There is also a basket with the pouch baby foods that she still loves to eat and calls applesauce (no matter what flavor) plus a couple other snacks that don't fit on the shelf above.

The items on the right hand side are not Avery's but everything else is.  She has a basket with all the individually wrapped snacks (granola bars, fruit chews, fruit bars, etc.) and then easy to open and close containers that contain all of the loose snacks (pretzels, veggie chips, Cheerios, dried cherries, etc.).  There's also a box of her oatmeal.  

It has been working out GREAT!  At breakfast she gets her own bowl and spoon, then gets a packet of oatmeal (if that's what she's having).  She needs help opening the oatmeal packet but then she pours it into her bowl and mixes it up.  I'll tell you more about lunchtime but that will be it's own post later on.  

For snack, she can get her own individually wrapped snack or she can fill her own snack trap.  One of her favorite things to do right now is make trail mix.  She'll pick out 2 or 3 different items and take a handful of each, adding it to a snack trap and then mixing it up.  She loves doing it and it makes snack time so much easier!   I love that it teaches her how to be independent, helps increase her confidence, and gives her an opportunity to practice some practical life skills.  

It's not nearly done but it's definitely a start and beginning to feel more like a Montessori kitchen!  The next thing I would like to tackle is making the switch from plastic dishes to glass ones.  I just have to talk Eric into letting her use our new dishes!

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