Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tot Trays- Easter

Pin It Now! Along with a break from blogging, we took a bit of a break from Tot School, too.  However, a couple weeks ago we started back up and Avery has been loving it.  Here are our trays from last week when we talked about Easter and eggs.

Tonging and sorting eggs (got this idea from Mama of Many Blessings)

Putting eggs together and into egg carton

Pouring beads into 3 containers (not really an Easter work but she loved it so much the week before we left it out)

Spooning Eggs (got this idea from Playing House)

Eraser matching (another one from Playing House)

Egg topped sticks into the holes of the parmesan cheese shaker

I don't have photos of it but Avery also practiced peeling hard boiled eggs.  She loved doing that!

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