Monday, June 18, 2012

Messy Play Date

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Last week we finally had our Messy Play Date with my mom group.  I kept it small and limited it to our 2 year old play group for now (next time I am increasing the number of kids and opening it to all ages). Most of the stations were ideas I had gotten from Growing A Jeweled Rose, she has such great ideas and was my inspiration for getting into messy play!  Here were our stations:

Rainbow Noodles (I made them by adding food coloring to the boiling water) 


Critter Pit (filled with 2 bags of top soil, plastic bugs, lizards, and snakes, magnifying glasses, bug houses, tweezers, and bug nets)

Ball Painting

 Pool of Shaving Cream

Kid Wash and one of our water tables filled with water were our cleaning stations.

The kids had a great time!  Some of them were a little slow to warm up to the messiness of it all (after all a lot of kids are told to not make messes) but everyone ended up getting into it!

The kids had fun mixing some of the ingredients into other stations, like we ended up with noodles in the oobleck/goop (which was really cool) and spray painting the sheet for the ball painting (the kids loved that)!  Parker had a great time too, she joined in with the noodles and the oobleck/goop.  So fun!

We will be doing our next messy play date in about a month!  Can't wait!

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  1. Looks like it was a huge hit! We had a messy playdate a few weeks ago and it was tons of fun! Isn't goop the best!? Visiting from The Sunday Showcase.

  2. I'm curious, how much spaghetti noodles did you buy and how much shaving cream to fill the pools that much? This looks awesome! I can't wait to host my own! :) You can email me at with any answers! :)

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